NORTHWEST COAST First Nations Indigenous 36" Sandblasted Cedar RAVEN Panel by Trevor Hunt, Kwakiutl

**Commissioned pieces from this artist are available. Panels, masks and totem poles all available, please contact for details** 

Other designs available include: Raven, Thunderbird, Eagle, Orca, Salmon, Killer Whale, Wolf, Bear,  Moon, Sun and more. 

Custom pieces ready to ship usually within 3 weeks. 

36” diameter 2” deep

Red cedar, acrylic

Signed on the back by the artist.


Country/Region: Northwest Coast

Tribe: Kwakwaka'wakw

Trevor Hunt (b. 1975) is part of the great Hunt Family of Fort Rupert on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. He comes from a long line of hereditary carvers and artists that have been instrumental in the survival of the Kwakwaka'wakw art form on the Northwest Coast. Trevor prides himself on carving in the traditional form, while using his own style, which gives his style a unique touch. His father is Stan Hunt, his Grandfather was Henry Hunt and his great-grandfather was Mungo Martin.

Common Raven – gwawina

What it looks like:
Ravens are entirely black and stay in one place year round. They eat anything nature has to offer, including bird eggs, insects, fruits and frogs. The wing span of the average raven is around 120 cm. The raven's tail is rounded and longer than a crow's tail.

What it was used for
The raven is believed to know many things and to have supernatural powers. The ashes of a burned raven beak, when rubbed on the chest and back of a child, were believed to impart the properties of the raven to the child. Because ravens were believed never to die of sickness, a raven was placed under the head or on the chest of a sickly infant to improve its condition. Ravens produce a variety of calls said to have many different meanings related to predicting or announcing war, sickness, death, weather and the arrival of strangers among other things.

NORTHWEST COAST First Nations 36" Sandblasted Cedar Raven Panel by Trevor Hunt

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